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Global Refrigeration Systems

Global Refrigeration Systems provides the power to run an all electric refrigeration system that requires virtually no scheduled maintenance. The system utilizes a semi-hermetic compressor, completely sealed and hard piped in copper, brushless fan motors and in cab temperature control module.

The power source provides 5KW to 8.5KW of power generated by the trucks engine. This allows you to eliminate the diesel motor to turn the compressor. This means you eliminate the fuel cost and maintenance cost associated with diesel refrigeration systems. See for yourself with the Global Refrigeration Systems Savings Calculator.

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October 23 2007

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World Food Expo October 2007
World Food Expo '07
Chicago, IL
Booth # South 6133

Oasis System Announced
Global Refrigeration Systems, based in Atlanta, GA has developed an all-electric refrigeration system for fresh or frozen applications for 14'-24' straight delivery trucks.

The product is an all-electric transport refrigeration system that would eliminate the need for diesel driven reefer units on straight delivery trucks. The refrigeration system gets its power from a generator that turns in the belt system of the truck or PTO (virtually FREE power). The refrigeration system was designed after a commercial refrigeration system utilizing all AC components. The system uses a Copeland Scroll compressor and is completely sealed and has very few parts. The refrigeration system requires NO scheduled maintenance and the generator requires a belt change once a year... Read More

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